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peer-reviewed proceedings

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in progress

Praet, R. and Bjerva, J. (abstract accepted, paper submitted) Cassiodigitalis: A computational charting of self-representation in Cassiodorus’ Variae, submitted to DHant 2015 Collective Volume. []

Bjerva, J. and Praet, R. (abstract accepted, paper submitted) Rethinking intertextuality with high-dimensional word-space representations, in Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities. []


Summer 2016: Learning from Data -- A Foundational Course for Linguists (ESSLLI Course, Bolzano, Italy), with Dr. Malvina Nissim

Spring 2016: Digital Humanities - Hands on Data (Bachelor's level), with Dr. Malvina Nissim and Raf Praet

Autumn 2015: Learning from Data (Master's level), with Dr. Malvina Nissim and Hessel Haagsma

Spring 2015: Advanced programming (Bachelor's level)

Spring 2014: Advanced programming (Bachelor's level), with Kilian Evang


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